Liberty Mutual: Transit Campaign

Pigs are funny.

A transit poster from a campaign supporting Liberty Mutual's "Responsibility" campaign. A series of these appeared at urban bus and train stops, the kind of place where it's natural to toss a candy bar wrapper on the ground.

When using animals to effect humor, my rule of thumb is: pigs are funny. So are chickens, mules, donkeys, chimpanzees, orangutans, monkeys, and sometimes kangaroos. Cats, dogs, rodents, fish, songbirds, reptiles, and beasts of prey may be appropriate in some other way, but they are usually not funny, with the exception of some particularly unattractive species and breeds (chihuahuas, toy poodles, and chameleons, for example).

Why not consider huffing instead?

Grafitti is not only expensive to clean up, it has a viral effect on neighborhoods that encourages vandalism, littering, and break dancing.

Pick up that butt, Buster.

If you placed all the cigarette butts discarded on the streets in one year, they would stretch from Earth to Jupiter and back six times.

Volunteers do it for free.

If you've ever thought about volunteering, do it now and thank me later.

I volunteer three hours a week at Children's Hospital in Boston, and it never fails to leave me feeling like less of a jerk than I generally do when I arrive there. The best part is that they let me do it for free.

Go ahead -- do it yourself.